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Contract Solutions for Whom Exactly?
The GSD cautiously welcomes the Government and Unite’s “solution” to the ongoing issue affecting contract workers in the GHA, although it is shameful that it took such pressure from Opposition and the employees   [Read] •  23/09/14
New car park to open at Coaling Island
A new car park for 222 cars will open at Coaling Island next week. Work on this car park has been on-going for a number of weeks.   [Read] •  22/09/14
Clean up weekend - intitial comments
What a great job done once again by ALL CUTW volunteers yesterday! Exhausting and very hot work and a lot of awareness raised. Over twenty sites were picked clean and a massive pile created at the quarry. Green ...   [Read] •  23/09/14
Government welcomes US Resolution supporting and thanking Gibraltar
The Government welcomes the Resolution in support of Gibraltar which has just been tabled in the House of Representatives of the United States of America. This has come about following a sustained lobbying camp ...   [Read] •  22/09/14
Two men arrested and charged over incident at frontier
Two Spanish Nationals were arrested yesterday over the incident at the
Frontier on the 19th September 2014 when Police Officers were pelted with rocks by a large group of men.
  [Read] •  23/09/14
Men arrested and charged over 30 kilo drugs haul
Three men, two locals and a Spanish National, have been arrested and charged over a 30 kilo Cannabis Resin haul.   [Read] •  22/09/14
Man arrested and charged over attack on police officers at the frontier
A Spanish National has been arrested and charged over the incident on the
19th September where RGP Officers were attacked by a number of men throwing rocks at them duri ng an anti tobacco smugglin ...
  [Read] •  22/09/14
Government's Epic Parking Fail say GSD
GSD spokesman for Traffic and Transport, Selwyn Figueras, has today offered a damning assessment of the Government's track record on Traffic. The GSD notes the growing level of concern at the many difficulties ...   [Read] •  22/09/14
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