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Gibraltar Security
The Gibraltar Security Council (GSC) which consists of the Governor, the Chief Minister, the Commissioner of the RGP and the Commander British Forces, met at 1200 Wednesday 1st July. This was a long sch ...   [Read] •  02/07/15
Local Man Pleads Guilty to Burglary Charges
On the morning of Monday 29th June 2015 local man Francis MERCIECA of Constitution House, Glacis Estate DOB: 11/11/1974, unemployed, was arrested by officers of the RGP Criminal Investigati ...   [Read] •  01/07/15
Protect yourself from Pick-Pockets
Despite the busy and often crowded nature of Gibraltar’s town centre and leisure areas, instances of “mugging” and pick pocketing remain relatively low. Knowing how the criminals who commit these crimes operate   [Read] •  01/07/15
Works continue to progress at Northern Defences
The cleaning and refurbishment works at the Northern Defences continue to progress. This follows the completion of the first phase and the start of phase two with the welcome assistance of the Royal E ...   [Read] •  01/07/15
Young Members Committee awareness campaign
As part of Unite the Unions' young members’ committee awareness campaign, two of their members delivered a presentation to the young people at Dolphins Youth Club. The presentation was aimed at informing   [Read] •  01/07/15
Chairman of the GSD responds to Government Allegations
In response to the Government attack against him, Chairman of the GSD, Trevor Hammond said "I am passionate about the safety of our community and the people in it, both in a professional and political capa ...   [Read] •  30/06/15
Government Continues to Confuse Safety Arguments
The GSD has once again today challenged Government to publish in full any documents it claims to have received from HSL in relation to the use and storage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Gibraltar. It is unac ...   [Read] •  30/06/15
Chief Minister did not support petition to ban LNG tankers
The Chief Minister did not support any petition to do with banning LNG tankers in 2007. Fabian Picardo confirms he joined Facebook in July 2007 and his activity log shows he did not like any such "ca ...   [Read] •  30/06/15
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