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Miss Gibraltar 2014
Miss Gibraltar 2014 Shyanne Azzopardi departed for the Miss World Pageant on Thursday 20th November 2014 from the Gibraltar International Airport. Shyanne will be flying to London to participate at the Miss Wor ...   [Read] •  21/11/14
New facilities for marine policing
On Wednesday The Chief Minister inaugurated the new Gibraltar Government Marine Station which will serve as headquarters for both the RGP and the Defence Police for Marine operations.   [Read] •  20/11/14
Two plaques unveiled at the American War Memorial
The American War Memorial steps are now the home of two plaques in remembrance of members of the US Navy who lost their lives in World War One.   [Read] •  20/11/14
GSD calls for works at Charles Bruzon House to be halted until investigation completed
The GSD has received reports that a serious health and safety incident has occurred at the site of Charles Bruzon House adjacent to three schools and that the incident has affected Governor's Meadow scho ...   [Read] •  20/11/14
Government will meet Governor's Meadow parents next week
The Government has investigated the incident which occurred yesterday as a result of the works to construct Charles Bruzon House for the elderly.   [Read] •  20/11/14
Fishing Regulations
The ESG welcomes the recent publication of the Fishing Regulations. As an environmental organisation we value our living environment and so measures seeking to protect and preserve biodiversity and the health o ...   [Read] •  20/11/14
Chief Minister does a U-turn - again !
The GSD notes that in the direct democracy program on GBC yesterday the Chief Minister sought to shift the responsibility to the RGP for the lack of enforcement of the Nature Protection Act in relation to fishi ...   [Read] •  19/11/14
Law enforcement
The latest statement from the GSD on fishing with nets is utterly ridiculous and reflects the dangerous lack of understanding by the Leader of the Opposition of the working of the Constitution in relation to la ...   [Read] •  19/11/14
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