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Date :  06/09/13

Inauguration of Restored Wall

The Minister with responsibility for Heritage, the Hon Steven Linares, has inaugurated the recently-restored medieval wall by Southport Gates. The wall had been badly damaged by the action of roots from trees and creepers that had been growing from the wall.

The extent of the damage was exposed earlier this year when large masses of ivy were dislodged after heavy rains. Once the dry weather set in, a restoration team worked under the supervision of the Director of the Gibraltar Museum and the works have now been completed. The Gibraltar Heritage Trust has been consulted and informed throughout.

The works are the completion of the first phase of a project that includes the restoration of a historic arch set into the St. Jago’s stone building on Main Street. The completion of the second phase is expected at the end of October and will include interpretation of the site and lighting of the monuments. They form part of medium- to long-term scheme that aims to restore and expose other historic walls in the area, including the lower sections of Charles V Wall.

Commenting ahead of the inauguration, Minister Linares expressed his satisfaction at the works and reiterated Government’s support for the conservation of Gibraltar’s historic monuments:

“I am delighted with the completion of works which give a strong signal of Government’s intention towards heritage conservation.”

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